What's a mini map?

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What's a mini map? Empty What's a mini map?

Post  squallhart on Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:49 pm

Mini Map's are stories told by the creator of the map which all (RP's) -Role Player's- can take part of
the Mini map is 5 scene's long with picture's describing the scene taking place.

How to play: To play on the mini Map just post under the event and you will be given a number.
The number will be your turn to post for example the person who get's 1 the person with the number 2 post after them.

Interact during game play: To interact with other player's during the Mini map or any event wait til after the have post you can ether extend there part or make them do a different action. for example i post Squall jump's over the great wall and fight his way threw the guard's, you post to interact -Tifa Follows Squall over the great wall and fights th guard's with him and as Squall trips i pick him up and we continue to fight threw the guard's. Just and easy and basic example.

Clan's:Special event's can have a clan or a squad play together for different reward's which are still being figured out.


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