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Post  TifaHeart on Tue Jan 29, 2013 9:16 pm

1.when in an event or mini map players will be giving a line up of turns to post.
2.if the event or mini map include a starting char that player post first then so fourth.
3.keep to the story and don't run off the map or fight each other's char.
4.player turn to post will be at random when they apply to the event or mini map.
5.if you leave for any reason during rp you might be injured or killed.
6.potions are limit during rp only to one per player to heal a afk player or to heal a dead player.
7.players can be killed if the event map or mini map kills you and states your name.
8. If bitten by a zombie you will be turn and will be announced as dead and cannot be healed but your fellow squad members can kill you with stiff blow to the head destroying the brain.
9.all maps are fair and give random players rare options to kill the main boss with the final blow which will appear in your custom made char bio.
10.role players can only have one rp char but that char can play in all maps unless the event or map states other wise.

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