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Post  TifaHeart on Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:56 pm

Welcome! (FAQ) Final-Fantasy-VIII-Balamb-Garden
Welcome to Skyland!

Let's set down some rules first! You MUST follow these rules!

1) No bullying! We don't tolerate such things in this kingdom!

2) Don't power-play,meaning god mode or "I can kill you with my hands tied behind my back!" unless your joking.

3) No making fun of other people's characters. They are the person's own creation,and you should respect that.

That's mostly it for the rules! More will be added eventually as more players seem to cross certain boundaries. Now,to learn more about Skyland huh?

Skyland is the home of tons of mythical beings,humans,and other creatures of this world!

Skyland is just a starting point for your adventure's as a roleplayer! You can obtain badge's to move to higher maps. Evenst will take place and (Special) badge's will be given out for the players who participate in that event which a admin will be present to see who showed. tournaments will take place as well and (special) items,badge's,ect- will be given out to the players who won and rewards to those who participated as well.

But,do remember to always have... FUN!!!

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