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Helpful Buffs and Freebies Empty Helpful Buffs and Freebies

Post  Gwenne on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:24 pm

Hey, guys! ~~

Thought I would throw together a quick list of freebies and buffs that are obtainable and should be gotten as often as possible. xD

  1. Tarot Card Reader Morlin in Aven - Gives a Fortune, every four hours of online time, each containing a CP Boost to a random set of classes (Defense, Melee, Ranged, Healing, Magic)
  2. Professor Koss in Aven - Gives a 3-hour buff everyday that increases EXP and / or CP gain for anyone between the levels of 1 - 59.
  3. Service Officer Assistant Goth - Gives a Eden Chest, every two hours of online time, each containing 2 Eternal Coins, which can be used in the Loyalty Shop. Loyalty Shop is accessed by pressing "I" then Clicking the Loyalty Shop tab. (Must be Level 40+)
  4. Meteors - Gives a 1-hour buff, every thirty minutes, of either Move Spd, Atk/Cast Spd, Atk/Matk, or HP, depending on whether you use the Wind, Ice, Fire, and Earth Meteors respectively. These meteors can be gotten through the combination of the same type meteor shards, which are obtained by completing the main quest line, by buying a recipe from Athena in Limestone.

Hope you guys find these helpful! ^^

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Helpful Buffs and Freebies Empty Re: Helpful Buffs and Freebies

Post  Thaifist on Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:35 pm

Great post, Gwenne. Every few days it seems like someone asks about one of these.

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