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Guild Rules,Rank's,ect- Empty Guild Rules,Rank's,ect-

Post  squallhart on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:07 pm

SadBlood's Rules for Eden is really simple here's a list to show you.

1.Treat other's with Respect.
2.Help out when ever you can.
3.Try to Recruit.
4.Donate a reasonable amount nothing crazy.
5.Do not Fight with other clan member's within or out.

To Rank up is also simple and easy here's a list.

New-Member: a rank you get when your new
Member: You get this when you have spent more than a week with the clan
Captain Given out to outstanding Player's who have done there fare share but need to reach lvl 50 to obtain.
Vice-Leader: Basicly a second Leader this rank can be obtained by player's who Respect the clan and all of it's wishes and player's and will do anything for them but at the Same time Do what has to be done such as Recruiting,Booting,Donating, and settling issue's lvl 50+ can Obtain this with The ok from the Leader and Vice leader.

If you want to make a banner like this or anything with the SadBlood Name in it you may as long as it's not Bashful or Sexual or Racist.

Simple logo:
Guild Rules,Rank's,ect- 103a1110

Simple Player Banner:
Guild Rules,Rank's,ect- Images13

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