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Magician Guide

Post  TifaHeart on Wed Jan 30, 2013 4:04 pm

"Magicians are normally light-hearted creatures, often using spells and potions for the entertainment of friends and family."

These words are true for this beginning class on Eden Eternal. Now,before I go all wiki master here,let's check out the real thing!

The requirements for this class is nothing! You can choose to be an Magician at the start of the game!

Now,for abilities,

Staff Expert (Increases P-ATK and M-ATK +10% when equipped with a Staff.)
Cloth Armor Master (Can wear Cloth Armor)
Essentials Of Casting(Human Only) (Cast SPD +5%)
Magical Reflexes(Zumi Only) (EVA +30%)
Tribal Melee(Anuran Only) (Parry rate increase 10%)
Godly Skin(Ursin Only) (All Resistant +5 Pts)
Affinity Magic(Halfkin Only) (M-CRIT DMG +20%)

Well,those are only the Passive Abilities! Now,let's see the real magic!

Lightning Bolt (Class Lvl 1)
Snow Storm (Class Lvl 5)
Spatial Conversion (Class Lvl 10)
Hell Fire (Class Lvl 15)
Ice Shield (Class Lvl 20)
Elemental Guardian (Class Lvl 25)
Resistance Collapse (Class Lvl 30)
Fog (Class Lvl 40)
Extreme Magic (Class Lvl 50)
Fusion Reaction (Class Lvl 60)

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