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Illusionist Guide

Post  TifaHeart on Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:56 pm

"If their outlandish jester hats and checkered outfits aren't disorienting enough to the enemy, the Illusionist can cast several hypnotizing spells and summon an arcane pet to help in battle."

Those words mean little to this extraordinary class of typical clowns! That's only describing though! Let's see the true masterpiece inside-out!

The requirements for this class is to be a character lvl 35 and Magician lvl 30

Let's check out abilities!

Well Read (Increases P-ATK and M-ATK +10% when equipped with a Grimoire.)
Cloth Armor Mastery (Can wear Cloth Armor)
Changing(Human Only) (Malice caused by attacks -10%.)
Critical Guard(Zumi Only) (Received P-CRIT DMG -15%)
Thick Skin(Anuran Only) (Received M-DMG -5%)
Strong Curse(Ursin Only) (M-CRIT Rate +20%)
Dimension Flash(Halfkin Only) (Increases Double Hit Rate by 2%, but each strike deals less damage than the last.)

Those were only the Passive Abilites! Now,time to check out the Class Skills!

Deadly Icicle (Class Lvl 5)
Ancient Call (Class Lvl 10)
Emissary (Class Lvl 10)
Stimulation (Class Lvl 15)
Mind Surge (Class Lvl 20)
Mind Control (Class Lvl 25)
Hypnotic Eye (Class Lvl 30)
Psionic Focus (Class Lvl 40)
Ineffective Magic (Class Lvl 50)
Aerolite (Class Lvl 50)

Wow! So many confusing abilities! Can't wait to use them against- I mean uh,use them wisely. Anyway,time for the Knowledge Tree!
(Eventually will be made >.<)

Well that knowledge tree sure houses a lot! Now,the Certificates are even more of an Illusion!

Avatar Master (EVA +4%/8%) (Class Lvl 10-40)
Time Trick (Cast SPD +5%/10%) Class Lvl 20-50)
Illusion Control (Decreases MP cost of casting skills by -2%/-5%) (Class Lvl 30-60)

Well,that's a wrap! Now,who wants to see some awesome pics of this joker?

Human Only

Zumi Only

Anuran Only

Ursun Only

Halfkin Only
(No Male sorry :c)

OKAY,now please whoever has a Illusionist or knows a lot about this class,would you so kindly spare some images? Or maybe a review? xD

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