How to make a clan or a squad

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How to make a clan or a squad

Post  squallhart on Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:33 am

To make a Clan or a Squad You must follow these.

To Make a Squad you must:
1.Make a new topic in the Clans/Squads explain you squad in a summery and add a Squad name
2.Squad Symbol can be optional
3. Do not copy any one else's Squad or clan name
4.Have at least 3 active member's
5.beat the Squad mini map And boss

To play on the Squad mini map you must have a mod present to post the map for your party.

To make a Clan you must.
1.Have a Squad
2.Be active on forums
3.take part in event's and mini map's
4.Do the Clan mini map and Beat the Boss
5.Have more than 5 active member's and it can not have the name (SadBlood) in it
6.Post in clans/squads making a new topic called Clan Request.

To play on the Clan mini map you must have a mod present to the map for you squad

Squads and Clans will there own user group's which they may choose the color of and will have special power's they can gain with this for there char.

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