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Warlock Guide

Post  TifaHeart on Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:52 am

"This grimoire-wielding, spell casting powerhouse utilizes the power of the dark arts to devastate anything that stands in its way."

Is the perfect way to describe the amazing class of Warlocks! This class has the ability to manipulate targets and summon pets to do they're dirty work. But,that's just describing. Let's see the real details!

The requirements for this class is to be be a character level 55 and Magician level 50.

Now,for Abilities:
Knowledgeable (Increases Cast SPD +10% when equipped with a Grimoire.)
Cloth Armor Mastery (Can wear Cloth Armor.)
Skull Cloak(Human Only!) (M-CRIT Rate +20%)
Critical Enchantment (Zumi only) (Received M-CRIT DMG -15%)
Blood Tattoo (Anuran Only) (Lightning, Fire, and Dark Resistance +10%)
Body Surrounded (Ursun only) (When equipped with a 2 H weapon, Parry chance +10%.)
Spirit Controller (Halfkin only) (Move SPD +5%)

Those were the Passive Abilities. Now,let's view the Class Skills!

Dark Parasite (Class Lvl 5)
Shadow Arrow (Class Lvl 10)
Wicked Pact (Class Lvl 15)
Mandate (Class Lvl 15)
Sacrifice (Class Lvl 20)
Nightmare Attack (Class Lvl 25)
Death Threats (Class Lvl 30)
Blood Conversion (Class Lvl 40)
Plague Carrier (Class Lvl 50)
Wild Shout (Class Lvl 60)

Well,those Class Skills look pretty cool,right? Well,now to see the Knowledge Tree!

I'm really starting to like this Warlock class (>.<) They're certificates are pretty cool to,although they are quite tricky like the Warlocks themselves!

Soul Ritual (M-CRIT DMG +10%/20%) (Class Lvl 10-20)
Demon's Eye (ACC +10%/20%) (Class Lvl 20-50)
Multiple Curse (Increases Double Hit chance +1%/2%, but damage decreases each hit.) (Class Lvl 30-60)

Well,that's a wrap! So,want to see some screenshots of these bad magicians?

Human Only

Zumi Only

Anuran Only

Ursin Only

Halfkin Only
(Unfortunately,there are no Halfkin Pictures of a Warlock(Dammit! :c) so,so sorry.)

OKAY,now,whoever has a Warlock or would love to post a review about them,please comment! I might add it here as a review for this epic class.

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